Abacus is a proud supporter of mineral education in British Columbia through fund raising and co-sponsorship of field trips for inner city school children. 


  • Abacus Mining is committed to strong environmental stewardship and seeks to minimize its effect on the environmental effects. We believe that sound environmental practice goes hand in hand with efficient exploration and delivering maximum shareholder value. 
  • Abacus will undertake to minimize environmental effects by conducting our exploration and development in compliance with all relevant environmental regulations and related permits. This is achieved through the identification and management of environmental risks that arise from our exploration and development programs. Abacus will also identify ways to continually minimize its exposure to environmental degradation. 
  • Abacus will provide its staff appropriate training and awareness for all employees on environmental issues. Abacus will also communicate with them regularly about the Company's aims and their individual responsibilities. 
  • Stakeholders and shareholders have the right to communicate with the Company to understand the Company's efforts on environmental issues. 
  • Abacus plans to monitor its progress on environmental issues and impacts and will modify its programs as necessary.